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Profit Maps Model - How to Generate Profits Using the Profit and Loss Statement

(An Effective, Simple and Easy to Implement Tool for Profit Improvement and Cost Reduction Using the Profit and Loss Statement)


Improving profits is one of the predominant targets of any business, but maximum managers do not clearly recognize a way to circulate beyond the basics of value-reduction and income improvement.

Typically the agency's reaction to the want to reduce cost is to lessen the personnel. In maximum situations this is a mistake or simply a quick-term solution. The excellent approach is to give employees a chance to take part in developing price discount techniques in order that income improvement is perpetual.

I never located a idea that in particular informed me a way to take a business, corporation, branch or group thru an smooth to use process to achieve value-discount or income improvement using the road items in the profit and loss announcement. The Profit Maps demonstrates how huge corporations, a small commercial enterprise or a single branch can enhance its earnings and decrease costs using the verified technique that is based totally on team innovation and control.

The Profit Improvement Paradox

In maximum business conversations most effective moments skip earlier than some reference is made to improving profits. This is predictable because the principle cognizance of enterprise is to make profits. What is not so predictable is maximum managers' restricted capability to formulate powerful plans for profit development. This is what I name as the profit development paradox.

The Reasons for the Profit Improvement Paradox to Exist

o Management Distraction in different components of business and not specializing in profitability and cost-discount
o Lack of Management Training to come to be extra privy to profit development situations.
O Management Turnover
o Lack of a Constant Process for Profit Improvement as many groups truly do no longer have a constant, systematic manner for reducing expenses and enhancing income on a non-stop foundation.

Many books which have been written about cost management focus on interest based totally practices. Most widely known is hobby based totally costing, hobby based totally budgeting and hobby primarily based control. These tremendous principles and frameworks provide a notable deal of statistics approximately fee dimension. Once you have got examine them however you could find yourself through asking however how do we reduce fee after having measured them cautiously? And where can I find a list of cost discount ideas organized by way of line items? The solutions to those questions are the premise of the Profit Maps Model. Without it continuous development in profitability are unlikely.

The Profit Maps Model

The Profit Maps Model acts as an engine for continuous improvement, produces on the spot effects, and will become a center competency for the enterprise.

The Profit Maps Model consists of the following 5 steps
1. Picking your crew
2. Preparing your crew and your business
three. Brainstorming all of the questions
four. Taking action and documenting the consequences
5. Reviewing and following up

Each step in the process performs a vital function. Systematically implemented, they generate a synergistic approach the grants consistent, continuous focus and improvement.

Step 1 - Choosing and Managing the Profit Impact Team

The use of teams in particular to improve earnings and loss is unusual, no matter control's big acquaintance with groups and what they can accomplish. The Profit Maps approach shows managers how to pick out the right crew members, arrange conferences and set concrete desires for optimum effects in earnings and loss control. When applied in proper sequence with the alternative steps within the Profit Maps Model, the Profit Impact Team turns into the engine that drives earnings constructing forward and perpetuates it.

The Profit Impact Team has the following characteristics,

o No Fewer Than Five, No More Than Eight-More than eight slows down the procedure even as much less than five takes a narrow view and no longer all departments can be represented.
O 'Out of the Box' Thinkers
o Cross-Discipline, Complementary, Cross-Sectional Skills - Since cost-discount requires more than one abilities and experiences and purposeful experts have the depth of know-how needed to dig under the surface and ferret out opportunities for price reduction.
O Commitment to Reducing Cost -We know that nothing builds commitment extra correctly than the humans accountable for implementing the process being those who created it. Stress this point by creating incentive programs for the Profit Impact Team.
O Performance Goals-What makes the Profit Impact Team so powerful is that the manner of placing overall performance dreams is inherent in the idea. Because the aim of the team is to lessen fees from each line of the income and loss announcement, fulfillment can effortlessly be measured via examining the next income and loss assertion.
O Profit Impact Team Members Hold Themselves Accountable The Profit Impact Team holds a monthly evaluation which ought to be timed to comply with the distribution of the profit and loss statement.
During this manner, individuals chargeable for the particular line objects report at the action steps, the consequences, and any want for corrective action steps or new strategies. Each crew member have to report on his or consequences. Then all crew members are recommended to explicit their views and offer recommendations. After each presentation, have all crew contributors supply feedback to the presenter in terms of how swiftly or slowly outcomes are being acquired.

Step 2 - Preparing your Team and Your Business

In step 2 of the Profit Maps Model each group member ought to be 'prepared' to apprehend the strategies of innovation management. Here the fundamental steps are to prepare the crew members to recognize the enablers of improvements in addition to how to cope with the setbacks that occur as the innovation method unfolds.

A education application need to be used to assist put together the team for those enablers of innovation.

During the education, the crew will learn to recognize and degree the business's capacity to alternate, to lay the basis for destiny innovations, to measure the ideas fulfillment, and to make wanted adjustments. This system additionally teaches the crew how to show to the workforce for answers to tough questions- and faucet into enter that may make the difference between fulfillment and failure.

Step three - How to Use the 'Questions Brainstorming' Method in Your Organization

Organizations and management strategies regularly shrink back from asking questions because they're perceived as antagonistic, confrontational demanding situations to authority. However, questions may be an crucial part of locating innovative answers and need to be recommended always and inside all stages of an agency.
'Questions Brainstorming' is a brand new technique that stimulates creativity and fuels persistent improvement. The conventional exercise of brainstorming for solutions generates fewer thoughts and therefore, fewer answers. Brainstorming questions, alternatively, lets in teams to be extra creative whilst exploring a topic.
How It Works-The Group maintains asking questions till they have exhausted the topic. Only whilst all of the questions have been requested is it time to start looking for answers. The questions are prioritized and every is assigned to an individual to are looking for solutions. The technique of thinking about questions presents the framework for the solutions, and those in turn assist assemble the movement items."

Step four - Taking Action and Documenting Results

Taking action and documenting the effects is the step of the Profit Maps Model that movements you ahead toward successful implementation of your ideas.

Asking questions generates an countless listing of ideas for similarly exploration. Our next step, taking action and documenting, suggests a way to use the ones thoughts as a framework for building concrete programs for price-discount and earnings improvement. Taking motion and documenting is the performance development planning hobby and administrative step of the Profit Maps Model. This step is essential as it enables us build and whole motion steps, tune consequences, and flow in the direction of performance, even as at the equal time serving as treasured software documentation.

Taking action and documenting can be damaged down into the following additives

o Ranking the Profit Maps Model questions
o Formulating the movement steps
o Assigning obligation
o Setting a goal date
o Measuring development
o Developing a contingency plan
o Initiating review and observe-up
o Choosing the following Profit Maps Model query

It is essential to use all of the components. Because each element builds on the previous one, skipping a step might weaken the complete shape.

The standards normally used while ranking questions are those best probably impacts at the income and loss announcement, the maximum enthusiasm from the team, the lowest capital funding, handiest a minor trade to a process or technique, and new schooling software as the best requirement.

Once ranked, the top questions need to be transferred to a overall performance development plan where action steps, dimension of outcomes and contingency making plans can take location. Taking the time to report these sports makes improvement planning run greater easily, maintains the group on route and holds people chargeable for the achievement of the overall performance development plan.

Step five - Reviewing Progress and Following Up

Profit Maps Model is a dynamic continuous process. Its concepts whilst systematically applied result in continuity of earnings development and value-discount. Reviewing and following up is the crucial ultimate step that continues the process going. Its vital position is to create a perpetual development technique at the same time as retaining improvements cutting-edge with modern-day enterprise needs and making sure durability.

Reviewing and following up includes, a complete evaluate of each action step to decide whether or not the price financial savings concept or answer has merit and may be followed by way of the agency, a timely follow-as much as ensure that the person accountable is in reality taking the important steps to complete the assignments generated through the overall performance development plan and a spark of ignition forcing the group to invite the perpetual question, 'what's the following earnings development query?'

Conclusion - How and Where to Get Started

The Profit Maps is the vital piece that has been missing from organizational design- a non-stop process for income improvement and fee discount that have to be a part of each business.

Getting the method commenced may be an smooth promote. The most tough component could be overcoming the corporation's resistance to this new method.

Set up a meeting along with your boss and tell her or him which you would love to put together a Profit Impact Team made of 5 to 8 employees from diverse departments inside the organization. Mention that the goal of this crew is to apply the Profit Maps Model to generate a list of creative thoughts that when applied will start to generate value-discount and earnings development.

Once you have got the attention and support of your boss you're geared up to start.

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